Wicker Park, Chicago.



In 2006, I received a BFA specializing in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois. After graduating, I did freelance web design and development, worked for an LED sign company, tested video games, and eventually moved to Chicago in 2008; where I started using my unique print, web, and front-end development experience to focus on UI/UX Design for the ever-changing web.

I balance my day job with personal creative work and exploration, like drawing illustrations and learning guitar, or riding my bike for a couple of hours. As a designer, It's important to stray creative during and after work, because you never know when the next bar napkin will become a poster, song, or great user experience.

My creative approach involves lots of research to understand the problem at hand, and the solution must always keep the end user in mind. If you're looking for an experienced designer to help solve problems facing your users, I can help!