After Expedia acquired Orbitz in 2015, there were many big changes for our Chicago team. Having offices all over the world now means organization is a must, and it has been exciting to work on such a large platform. Using a pattern library already developed by Expedia UX makes testing designs in an agile environment very fast, and the amount of teammates to work with on research and lab testing is great for design learning. I’ve been mostly involved with the Lodging shopping path.

For a deeper dive into my process and latest work, please contact me to gain access to the concepts page.

Photo-centric responsive concept

Taking a cue from Instagram and many other visually-rich mobile experiences, I explored the idea of a grid view for search results that utilizes cards also designed for smaller breakpoints.

Vacation rentals deep dive

Eager to hone the vacation rentals experience on Expedia, my team and I did a deep dive on property content with competitive analysis, wireframes, and designs to begin testing. This is a peek into the level of detail we go into during competitive analysis.