After working at Orbitz for 3 years, I got plenty of opportunities to work on a wide variety of projects. Here are a some of my favorite.

Flights Concepts

This was a concept done to reenvision how we could improve the design and usability of filters as well as overall content hierarchy of the page. We were also exploring different solutions for tooltips and toast messaging site-wide.

HTML/CSS Modular Cards

As a side project within Orbitz, I wanted to stretch my design and coding skills by building out how modular card elements could work together using HTML and CSS. Building in adaptive sizes and positioning for content based on device size was a fun exercise into how to organize complicated content across product offerings.


Boardroom iPad app

An internal project, this was designed for and used by those having meetings in the boardroom with a pre-made software and hardware solution. Requirements for the project were based on Orbitz design language and Apple’s iOS app standards.

Orbitz Hotel Mobile Web Redesign

Right before becoming a part of Expedia Group, Orbitz was in the middle of a redesign to their mobile hotel pages. This is a look into the search results, filters, map view, and product detail page information screens.