Orbitz ux design

After being based at Orbitz for over 3 years, I've produced lots of designs. Here are a few of my favorite projects I've done so far.

responsive hotel

In 2013, I joined Orbitz and began working on the Hotels shopping path, designing from collaborative wireframes produced by Interaction Designers, tested by Researchers, analyzed by Product Managers, and developed by... Developers.

"Day Away" mobile app Concept

Every year Orbitz would hold an internal "Day Away" competitive event where employees were encouraged to design concepts with the hopes and intentions of the ideas being developed in the future. This was my visual concept for a new travel app. 

html/css modular card

I have used many tools to produce deliverables, and sometimes HTML and CSS is a good way to understand the responsiveness of a design or communicate an idea across breakpoints. This concept was to show how our search results could be more modular.